Adapting to New Situations and Environments


A Themed Literature Unit

Ms. Henderson
4th grade- D-3

This themed literature unit is an exploration of the theme adapting to new situations and environments. We all have to adapt to new environments and situations; change happens whether we want it to or not. This is a part of life. Through the exploration of children's literature (both through a class-wide read aloud of Something to Hold by Katherine Schlick Noe, and several book clubs), students will explore these important questions:

  • What does it mean to adapt to a new situation or environment?

  • What does it take to be able to adapt to a new situation or environment?

  • How do people adapt to new environments and situations?

Through the exploration of these books and many classroom discussions, students will start to form answers to these questions. It is my hope that students will make connections to their real lives and mature/grow in their understanding of the real world through the exploration of this theme throughout the next five or six weeks as we dive deep into this theme. Adapting to new situations is an important life skill, and this unit will pave a path for students to explore what it means to adapt and also realize that this is something that all humans do.

In addition to looking for examples of adapting in literature, students will also explore how they have adapted to a new situation or environment. Utilizing the whole writing process, students will produce a multi-paragraph narrative about what they did to successfully adapt to a new situation.

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